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Your Wedding


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It's probably the most important day in your life. Celebrating the union with the person you love with all your friends and family. You have spent months selecting the right details for your evening and have painstakingly drafted your vision with your vendors. This day is too important to let an amateur or unprofessional ruin it for you.

That's why selecting the right entertainment company can be the most crucial decision you will make to ensure your reception is a true success. According to most wedding industry professionals today, the entertainment can "make or break" your wedding reception.

This cliché has become a mantra for the wedding industry in the United States with brides and grooms becoming more aware of available entertainment options. The true measure of a successful entertainment company lies in their reputation. Surveys, recommendations and word-of-mouth testimonials are the gold standard when it comes to evaluating a potential candidate.

With Satisfaction Entertainment, not only will be impressed with our documented list of satisfied clients you will rest assured with our expertise and vast entertainment experience.

Courtesy of Jesse Cova Photography

The first step in acquiring the information you need to make a smart decision is to arrange a free no-obligation consultation. During the appointment, we will do the following:

  • Collect the details of your reception
  • Become familiar with your wedding style and personality
  • Determine the best available options to make your wedding day special
  • Present to you our unique services
  • Evaluate your cost to obtain our service
  • Share ideas and time-saving tips
  • Answer any questions you may have

Once you are satisfied with the information we provide, you may choose to contemplate your choices, compare our services with other entertainment companies or select Satisfaction Entertainment as your wedding reception entertainment. We are confident that our services will be of high quality and ranked with the highest standards.

If you decide to invest in our company, our exclusive Reception Planner will be provided to you so that you can immediately start the planning process. The Reception Planner is a easy-to-use workbook that can be downloaded, filled out on your computer or printed out that will assist us in gathering the details of your reception.

Courtesy of Jesse Cova PhotographyA final planning meeting approximately a month prior to your reception is the last step in the planning process. It assures the details of your reception are covered and an Event Schedule of the evening is prepared. All the possible activities, formalities and itinerary are laid out on the schedule, ready to be distributed to the vendors and other important people.

Once the special evening has arrived, we will direct, assist and coordinate with your wedding professionals to ensure a smooth and stress-free evening. Our unique services allow you to have fun and spend your unforgettable evening with your new spouse, beloved family and close friends. Call us at 866-EZ-PARTY (866-397-2789) today to make an appointment.