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Jewel City Bowl - Rock Band Scores for April 15, 2009

A crowd grew around the Rock Band stage as we introduced the Guitar vs. Guitar tournament last night at Jewel City. It was fun to see some regulars from the days of our Guitar Hero tourneys.

click the picture to see the resultsAn dysfunctional guitar led some to victory and a few to dismay. We apologize to the players as we found out late in the game and should have a new guitar by next week.

Congratulations to Tim who won a Guitar Her God Of Rock figurine.

Thanks to all the bands for playing with us and we'll see you next week.



Team HeroBand: Team Hero

Band Members: Hero, Levon, Jesse, and Ralph

Scores: Round 1 (322,635*)



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Gig Log - April 4, 2009


Ambient Video

As we add video to our entertainment productions, we sometimes need an image displayed on the screen while we play music during the dinner hour or throughout the evening. In some cases, a moving video can add a nice touch to the overall look and feel of the room.

In this case, I was fortunate enough to have access to the pictures the photographer took in a photo shoot prior to the event. Jesse Cova was very kind to provide the images which I made into a mini slide show. I picked three pictures and created an animated background.

In the first shot, we composited her out of the original picture and added a pink gradient background with her customized logo which we used for her gobo at the reception. Then we a dded some animated fuzzy spheres to add some movement.

The second slide transitions with her coming from below into the gradient and slowly the original background appears. The logo is then sprinkled with some magic dust.

With the last slide, I tried to use her youthful exuberance and added some rectangular bars that seem to dance along side.

The ambient video was quite useful and the family appreciated the music videos during the Quinceañera reception. I could see many possibilities using video to enhance an event and to emphasize certain emotions.


Jewel City Bowl - Rock Band Scores for April 1 2009

This week was a flaskback to the days when we had Guitar Hero Tournaments. It was a guitar battle with head-to-head competition to see who was king of rock at Jewel City. The tournament quickly filled up with contestants eager to grind it out with the best of them.

click the picture to see the resultsIn the end there was one clear winner. Vas Kool defeated anyone who would take his glory. In certain rounds the scores were very close and exciting. In the end, there was fun had by all and a promise to return with tournament style in the future.

Later in the evening, we continued our Rock Band jam sessions with our regular bands like Team Hero, Brigada, Righteous & and Coverall. New tis week, bands like Purple Haze, Three Amigos (formerly Hollywood Whores), No Wallet, Awesome and Blues Clues.

Thanks to all the bands for playing with us and we'll see you next week.


Team HeroBand: Team Hero

Band Members: Hero, Levon, Jesse, and Ralph

Scores: Round 1 (339,880), Round 2 (169,125*)


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Gig Log - March 27 2009