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Imagine a restaurant where families can come and enjoy a fun and exciting dinning experience designed for kids. Where imagination and good times go hand in hand. A place where children can be free to express themselves and play their hearts content while having a delicious and nutritious lunch or dinner.

Courtesy of Giggles N' HugsThere is such a place in the heart of West Los Angeles. At Giggles N' Hugs, a friendly staff of caring people dedicate themselves to make your family's visit a memorable experience. Dine on a select choice of hearty and healthy gourmet me

als prepared daily and with your child palette in mind. Relax in the spacious dinning room where the decor is a whimsical journey into magical realm of friendly dinosaurs, majestic castles, enchanted rainforest and fairy princesses.

Your child can play with a plethora of toys and games, climb a jungle gym, ride on the little tyke vehicles, play house with a tiny kitchen and dolls, create art, build with blocks, dress up in costume or simply enjoy a playful time with you family.

Nightly featured entertainment is an added bonus to your evening. Relax as a magician, character, musician, performer, puppeteer or storyteller takes the stage and interacts with the younger audience.

Every Friday night from 6 pm to 8 pm, Satisfaction Entertainment provides a groovy dance party with Disco Joe. Dance, laugh, party, interact and play with games with your favorite 70's disco dance host.

If you have small children, we encourage you to visit Giggles N' Hugs if you want a unique entertaining experience for the whole family.

Disco Joe Friday Nights 6 pm to 8 pm