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Disco Joe on KTLA Morning News

Disco Joe was proud to be part of a special event on the morning of January 13th at Giggles N Hugs for a LIVE KTLA Morning News report with Wendy Burch. Friends and families of Giggles N Hugs invited to participate starting at 5 am with great food, Live Entertainment and loads of fun.

 It was a pleasure meeting Wendy and her son Brady, who was celebrating hid first Birthday.


New Years Eve with Disco Joe

Ring in 2016 in a clean and safe enviroment with the family at Giggles N Hugs in Glendale Galleria on 12/31/15. From 5pm to 7pm, kids of all ages will enjoy dancing, games and fun activities including a countdwon and ballon drop.


Flashback To The Future with Disco Joe

Disco Joe makes an online debut with American DJ's Live Learning Seminar this coming Wednesday at 12pm Pacific.


Live Learning Webinar is a free online video stream which helps DJs, Bands and lighting aficionados learn useful information to improve thier lighting businesses. Every webinar features a specific topic that can aide professionals of any level achive pure lighting excitment.

In this edition, Disco Joe (also known as Jose Heredia) will walk through some of the retro lgihting effects that utelize the laest in technology. Tune in LIVE at Noon and participate in an interactive chat room or watch the recorded show on ADJ's YouTube page



Latin Musicology Returns

After ten years, Latin Musicology is back.

Latin Musicology

Ever since I did my presentation on Spanish music genres to the LA, OC, and Phoenix chapters of the ADJA and Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference back in 2004, I've always wanted to follow up with a website and publish my research for everyone to enjoy. Alas, that was not to be.

In the subsequent months and years, I became busy with life and never followed up. Occasionally I was reminded how important it was when my fellow DJs would ask around for "Mexican" music.

Then, Facebook came around. It was easier now than ever to connect to people around the world. The increase polarity of the social platform gave way to groups and pages. Thus paving the way for the ability to post at a very low cost my beloved presentation for future generations.

If you want to learn more about enourmous world of Latin Music, head on over to the group page on Facebook and become a member. There you will find a place where cultivation of knowledge is encouraged and learning is expected.


Animated Gobo Projection

Here is my first attempt at an animated gobo design for a Quinceañera client. Well, not quite.
While the video could of been projected on the floor or wall like a traditional gobo projection, I opted to project the video on two video screen since VJ services were included in the entertainment package.
I've design many gobos in the past and have composed many ambient ambient videos, but this was a first time I worked on a piece that could be both, a gobo projection or ambient video for VJ services.